Increases sales

by satisfying growing demand for fresh and naturally preserved products

Extends shelf life naturally, without chemicals or freezing

Retains taste, texture and appearance

Prolongs shelf life in the distribution chain

by days or even weeks. This means fewer returns.

Enhances efficiency

in production and distribution, by cutting costs

MAPAX® keeps your food naturally fresh for longer

The customer of today expects good food to be both healthy, safe, minimally processed and attractively packaged. Ideally, fresh foodstuffs and readymade dishes should also be easy to purchase and prepare, at any time.


Discover the ultimate combination for freshness

Fresh food not being sold in time and therefore returned, is a large-scale problem that seriously affects productivity for food manufacturers. But Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) offered by AGA, provides an ideal solution to this. Products that previously could not be stored fresh throughout the distribution chain can now be offered in shops without sacrificing quality. This natural method is rapidly gaining in popularity around the world.

AGA's MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) ensures high food quality in a natural way. It also retains the original taste, texture and appearance of your food and can reduce spoilage, leading to fewer returns.

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The MAP technology

MoleculesMAP gas mixtures usually consist of the same gases that make up the air we breathe: carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen (N2) and oxygen (O2). Microbial growth can also be inhibited with the help of other gases like nitrous oxide (N2O), argon (Ar) and hydrogen (H2).
Molecules These gases can be applied individually, or mixed according to specific ratios. The right mixture of the gases depends on the foodstuff and its properties. MAP can also complement alternative preservation methods.

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AGA’s protective gas concept leads to a growth in business

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Seniori Ateria’s food lasts longer but looks and tastes as though it has just been prepared

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Falengreen A/S: MAPAX® solutions both cost-effective and effortless

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The city of Sastamala saves lots of money by using MAPAX®

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Seniori Ateria CEO: Usage of MAPAX® very worthwhile

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