Increases sales

by satisfying growing demand for fresh and naturally preserved products

Extends shelf life naturally, without chemicals or freezing

Retains taste, texture and appearance

Prolongs shelf life in the distribution chain

by days or even weeks. This means fewer returns.

Enhances efficiency

in production and distribution, by cutting costs

Knowhow based on experience, research and succesful partnerships

Packaging materials are of decisive importance for food quality and shelf-life.

MAP individual packaging solutions are based on consumer statistics and intensive market research, allowing your company to offer products which fit consumer preferences and buying patterns.

The MAPAX® concept from AGA is a tailormade MAP program, created to meet the special quality requirements of the food industry. It complies with the strict food standards and legislation regarding packaging, storage and distribution.

To ensure the best possible service for users of this concept, AGA works closely with food research institutes in many countries, e.g. SIK (Sweden), VTT (Finland), Campden (UK), and has numerous food-processing customers worldwide. By collaborating with suppliers of packaging materials and machines as well, we are able to create the best atmosphere for each application.

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AGA’s protective gas concept leads to a growth in business

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Seniori Ateria’s food lasts longer but looks and tastes as though it has just been prepared

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Falengreen A/S: MAPAX® solutions both cost-effective and effortless

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The city of Sastamala saves lots of money by using MAPAX®

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Seniori Ateria CEO: Usage of MAPAX® very worthwhile

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